A lovely day~


Yesterday I spent the day shopping with my friend Maria :3
I met her when I was a kimono model along with her back in February, and I haven't seen her since, so it was so nice to see her again! :3 We had a great time!!!

She's going to Japan this Satuday for 5 weeks. She was the one who won the exchange student program! She's so lucky ^^ AND she promised to buy some magazines for me while she's there! <3'

Oh, and I bough these shoes:

They were 50% off! I paid under 200 DKK for them, so I'm very pleased :3 I also bought a black hair scrunchy thingy and a new pair of M.A.C number 07 ^^


  1. Nice shoes :D :D
    I love new shoes, it's been weeks since I had some. Haha :D

  2. I love new shoes as well!
    I could buy a pair each day :3


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