Taipei 101

Finally a new update !! :D I forgot that China has blocked everything, both Facebook and blogger!!! D: But there's always a way kekeke

Blogging about Taipei 101 today!

First we had some breakfast on the go before doing something business related :)
After that we took a cab to Taipei 101. Riding taxis in Taiwan was SUPER cheap. Just like everything else.
Had lunch in 101

Hua's noodles

And my noodles. These were actually a bit pricey compared to the rest of Taipei. I think we gave maybe 20 DKK each for our noodles. Still cheap compared to Denmark though!!

The view!! It was so cool looking out over the city and being up so high!

Lovely :)

More of the view

We paid to look through the goggles, but I always think it's hard to actually see anything with them! xD

It was fun regardless :)

So curious :) <3 p="">

We also saw the huge damper. It's there to make the building move less during storms or earthquakes.
After Taipei 101 we went home to take a nap (we love naps haha)

And in the evening we went to another night market.
Sign at the metro station pointing to the night market and temple!

Hua blending in haha <3 p="">
We also passed by the Qitian Temple. It was very pretty!!

There was a LOT of people coming to pray

Some info about the temple :)

Went to the night market after for some food.

My food :)

And Hua's seafood. 

Dessert time!! :D

Some kind of crepe with starwberry ice cream and chocolate sauce . They made the crepe as a pancake first, and after they blew cold air on it so it became hard like a waffle.
Yummy! :)

Ending the post with some cute kitties we saw on our way home. Give me!!!! D: 

See you !! :D 


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