Taipei day 3 - World's worst hangover!

Day 3 of our trip!

Now this day I din't feel so great, to put it lightly. I had the worst hangover EVER. I've never tried anything like it before D: Everything that came down my stomach came right up again. Even water! So I slept till 3.30 in the afternoon before venturing out (even though I was still felling like s***) :(

We decided to go to Taipei 101. The 3rd tallest building in the world! 

A picture from afar

Wearing my sunglasses today was mandatory!
Also wearing a new dress I bought here in Taipei for around 60DKK. Cheap!

The sexy man! Wearing one of the presents I gave him for his bday, the T-shirt.

We went there on a Sunday, so it was FILLED with people and street performers! 

These guys doing some martial arts-dance. It was kind of cool!

101 again!

We went inside since we wanted to go all the way up in the tower, but we were told that we had to wait 40 minutes to get up because of the line. So we decided to do it another day instead.

We went to get some food since I thought I could handle it by then (but I was so wrong). So we went to McD (also maybe not such a smart choice). I munched a bit on a chicken burger and some fries, and we decided to move on. And maybe 1 minute after I stood up I felt so sick. I couldn't even make it to a toilet beforeI had to throw up. Luckily I still had the cola from McD so I threw up in that. so embarrassing! :(

We still decided to walk around though. And I felt better also after the food came out again xD

We found a small cozy place where my man bought some noodles <3 p="">

One bowl of noodles for under 10 DKK!

We also went to a drugstore where I bought a lot of facial masks. And I finally felt better, so I had some food too.

Vietnamese pho! My favorite <3 p="">
So lovely <3 p="">

Om nom nom

I had lemonade and Hua had some vegetable drink that tasted like leaves xD

Hua's pork ear salad

And of course spring rolls ! <3 p="">

On our way home we walked by a pet shop where we saw this cutie! It was looking so adorable and I wanted to take it home SO SO bad!! <3 p="">

That's it for this time. See you in the next post! :)

- Zarah


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