Hong Kong ----> Taipei

We are in Taipei now, and it is AMAZING!! :D It's super, SUPER cheap, people are super friendly and there's always something to do here :) 

So we left Hong Kong this Friday and flew to Taipei

This man loves to pose

So silly <3 p="">

Bye bye Hong Kong, I will miss you! And see you soon (hopefully)

Breakfast on the bus.

We were super tired this day. The trip from Copenhagen to Hong Kong was super long, and then we only had around 6-7 hours of sleep that night. 

In Hong Kong airport. A man with super sexy shoes lolol. He was sitting next to taking selcas haha. 
The flight only took around 1 hour! But there was a lot of turbulence! Always makes me a bit uneasy. :s

Arrived!! :D

My lovely man <3 p="">
And a tired me!

And here you have the kinky man!! XD Just couldn't help myself.

After a 30 minute drive with the bus we arrived at Taipei Main Station where our hostel was located close to. It's a very sweet mexican guy named Raoul who owns it. Very nice and helpful! :)

Our room. It's nothing special, but it has room enough for our stuff, so it's all fine :) Plus it was cheap!

The we went out to have dinner and came across this Japanese restaurant where we had some DELICIOUS ramen. I also had gyoza. Unfortunately I couldn't eat up since my stomach hadn't been feeling well. I suspect it was he food I ate in Hong Kong :/

YUMMY!! <3 p="">

Some pictures of Taipei :)
And in Taipei they have Q Square! In Hong Kong they have iSquare

Little doggie <3 p="">

And ending this post with a picture of some Taiwan beer. 

See you in the next post ! 


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