Asia trip 2nd day - LONGEST layover in Doha + arriving in Hong Kong

We finally arrived in Hong Kong safe and sound! :)

We checked in at 14 thinking we had to board 30 minutes before take off, and therefore had an hour to chit chat with my dad and brother who came to see us off, and some time to check out duty-free, but then we found out that boarding was at 14.30, and top of that we didn't get seats next to each other! So already here I started to stress. We rushed to security and didn't get to really talk with my dad and bro :( But luckily we could get seats besides each other when we asked at the gate. Yay :D

My man in the airport. Already tired here, poor baby :(

We were the yellow pants gang! :)

Then we took off at 15.30, flew for around 6 hours before we landed in Doha where we had our SUPER long layover. 

The food in Doha airport is not impressive :/

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Originally we wanted to book a hotel room for the night while in Doha since our layover was for 9 hours!! But we checked it from home and you have to be married to stay in the same hotel room! :o

So next best options was this:
Sleeping chairs! Now, they do also have a lounge with comfortable chairs and food, and we stayed in there last year, but this time they were full! Damn it! So instead we dozed off here. I actually slept on the floor because I couldn't get comfortable in the chairs. (And that proves Hua's point. That I can sleep anywhere)

And it's actually Hua's birthday today. He's turning 30! I felt kind of bad that he had to spend most of hid big day in transit and on the plane , but I gave him his presents before we left and I also wrote him a card he got at midnight. Plus, we're gonna celebrate him in Taipei tomorrow! :) <3 p="">

Next flight to Hong Kong!

It was almost 40 degrees celcius in Doha! 

So after another long flight of almost 9 hours we arrived in Hong Kong! 

My gorgeous (and tired) birthday boy <3 nbsp="" p="">

We're staying at the New London Hostel for the night.

We went out for some late night food since we were both eager for something else than gross airplane food! So Hua had some noodles and I some curry :) Plus the mandatory lemon ice tea (I LOVE IT SO MUCH)

We ended the night with a shopping spree in 7-11. Now we are gonna get some much needed sleep and tomorrow we fly to Taipei. ECITED!!! :D

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