Party in Taipei!

Yet another day in lovely Taiwan ! :) 

Hua in line for some Chinese breakfast.

We went to an area called Ximending that day, but this is actually the only photo I have! But that is why we have Google.

Through out the day we just walked around looking in some shops in Ximending and later on we went out for dinner!

Near Zhongxiao Fuxing station

We walked around some of the smaller streets in the area and found a Thai restaurant.

Green curry with beef

Singha beer :D 

Pork, chicken and beef sticks. SUPER yummy!

Hua had this seafood soup thing (Don't remember what it was called :o )


The food was good, but still not better that the best thai food I've ever had (located in Nyhavn!!)

Hello Kitty scooter! Just like Beihai, almost everyone owns a scooter. It's much easier to come around with , plus it's cheaper than having a car. 

After dinner we walked around looking for a bar and ended up at AQ iBar. A very nice place actually! They had this drink called Asia Spirit which was SUPER delicious! 

Adidas team! :D

One more Asia Spirit and my man's blackberry drink :) 

After the bar we wanted to go clubbing! Before leaving Denmark we had kind of agreed not to become too wasted since it would ruin the day after. But of course we got super wasted. 

We went to a club named LUXY. And going clubbing in Taipei is probably the only thing that's as expensive as in Denmark. But we had a lot of fun regardless!

Dancers xD

My sexy man <3 p="">

Thay had this wicked laser room! And of course when you are drunk, this is a very fun place to be! :)

Don't know how much time we ended up spending in there haha. We had a lot of fun at club Luxy! Danced a lot, drank a lot :) But then the alcohol hits, and I got totally drunk.

Well, I suppose that's what happen when you go out ohoho. See you in my next post!! :)


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