Buying my tickets tomorrow!

It's becoming so real now. The tickets for SM Town Live in Paris are going on sale tomorrow! AND we're buying them as soon as the sale starts! BD

I'm so freaking excited about this! I'm going to take a bizillion pictures of SHINee. And I'm going to see them in real life. *spazzing out* OMG IDE ...!!

Since I'm talking about SHINee anyways, let's talk more updates XD

Jonghyun is finally back! Well, he has been for some weeks now, but I haven't really talked about it XD BUT I'm so freaking happy! He was seen at the wedding of one of SHINee's hairstylists, he was in the shoot for Elle Girl Magazine and he attended an event with SHINee in the SM Ent. building.

And SHINee are preparing for their Japanese debut!

Minho’s Concept for Japan Debut Single

It was twitted Minho is currently filming his scenes in the pv for SHINee’s Japan debut single in the Publishers Block in Paju. The concept is…

The set is a basketball court. Minho is playing basketball with other guys

When I sw this I was thinking "What song will they do?". Because almost all the Kpop artists that decides to debut in Japan, makes a Japanese version of one of their Korean title tracks. But they actually might make a brand new song!

AND also, SHINee just did a shoot for the Japanese Elle Girl magazine (as I mentioned)! Can't wait to see the final result! Here's a picture from the shoot:

See ya lovelies!


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