A little this and that

LOL I don't even know what to name this post XD

Well, first up I want to show you, what I got yesterday!

YAY!! Key DVD and goods!

I just can't get enough SHINee stuff <3 And I know, I've been saying that I want to do a SHINee collection post, but I keep forgetting it XD I really want to make one though.

Okay, so my week has been really great actually ^^ I was in Salon Mono again last Tuesday, and I just love it! I really, really hope that she will take me as her student. The 3 girls working there are all so nice to me, and very talented!

And I think it has been a long time since my face was on this blog XD So here I am LOL:

Anyywaays~ BANJAK5's second single will be uploaded very soon BD I can't wait to hear it! XD

I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I won't be able to blog the next week -.- But I can't wait to go on vacation, I really need some time to relax!

Anyways, I might do one more post tomorrow, but if not HAPPY EASTER!! :D


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