A night on A-bar

My best friend, Astrid was home for the weekend!

Astrid, our friend Anja and I decided to go out Saturday night.
First we went to Astrid's place to eat dinner, and then we went to my place to get ready.

Anja and I. We had the best tomato soup!

Daz lovely ladies

Astrid and I <3

And here's what I wore:

We went to Australian Bar, or A-bar for short, and we had a great time! And guess who we met? Franz from X-factor! XD

Franz at the left, and his best friend Jermaine at the right

Please ignore the fact that Anja spilled a shot on my dress! XD
Well, it was quite fun seeing him there I must say! Haha.

I had an absolutely amazing night with my girls! <3


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