Banjak weekend

I had a great weekend!

Celia was in Copenhagen for the weekend, so of course Banjak5 spent a lot of time together! Friday we ate dinner together at my place. We also got to practice some songs, including our next song, which will be uploaded this month! :D

Celia slept over at my place from Friday to Saturday, so we went to Baresso in the morning to eat breakfast. We met up with the others later and went to get ice cream XD

Sunday we had our photoshoot. The staff from Genki wanted some pictures of us, before making a profile on their website, so we decided to do a photoshoot!
We got some really nice and fun pictures, including them above. We also filmed a lot, since Celia brought her video camera. We're planning to make 'Banjak TV' and upload it to our channel LOL BD

The weekend was over way too fast, and we didn't want Celia to go back to Fyn D:

Banjak5 I LOVE YOU!!! XD


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