Back from vacation (+ SM Town in Paris)

I'm back from Sweden! And 5 days earlier actually.

My sister and I decided to go home earlier since we were kind of fed up with being in Sweden. It's really nice the first few days, but then there's just nothing to do. You get bored so easily, especially if you've been there a 100 times already.

AND so many things happened while I was in Sweden, the best thing being ...

SM TOWN IS COMING TO PARIS! And guess what? It's at the same time as I'm going to Paris.
Which means, I'm going to see SHINee in real life.

I still quite can't believe it.

Okay, sorry for this half-ass post, but just wanted to say that I'm back! Proper post will be up soon.


  1. WOWISH Are you seriously going to the concert? I'm so envious! If you get their autograph, please make them write one for me as well! >w<


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