New stuff + moneymaker

Sooo here's what I bought yesterday:

2 pairs of skinny jeans from Cheap Monday:

I went there to get my usual ones (the grey pair), found out they were 75% off, so I also got the blue pair. I paid 437,5 DKK for these two! I really think it's a good buy :3

RIMMEL powder, powder applicators from M.A.C and number 34 lashes from M.A.C

I wanted to try a new pair of lashes. I've been loving number 7 forever, but these are so lovely as well <3 The powder was on sale. I got 2 for 1! Niiice~

Skirt and tanktop from H&M

I've wanted a skirt like thid for a long time! It's so cute ^^

Shirt from H&M

Just too cute not to buy ^^

I also bought a manga and a hair-dye. I'll use it after I've been to the hairdresser on Wednesday.

It feels so nice to finally have money again <3 I'm saving up half of my paycheck as well, so I will also enjoy it later :3 I feel like I'm rich, just because I have a job with a higher salary than my last one, haha xD

Next post will be about my night out yesterday, which was soooo great <3<3 Trust me ^^



  1. Uh, elsker lidt den sidste bluse der !! D; <3

    Jeg har tagget dig i en blog-leg. Den er på min blog nu ;)

  2. Ja er den ikke dejlig??

    Og uhh lyder spændende, jeg kigger :3


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