Shopping spree(s)

Hello there ~

I've ben shopping a lot lately, so I just wanted to post pictures of my buys. I'm sorry if this post is a bit messy!

List over items (not in order, sorry)

- Blazer, H&M 299 DKK
- Denim shirt H&M 249 SK (bought in Sweden)
- Bracelets H&M 59 DKK
- Hat H&M 99 SK (bought in Sweden)
- 2 pairs of eyelashes from M.A.C. 105 DKK each
- Lipstick from L'OREAL PARIS 110 DKK
- Dresses from H&M 50 DKK each (black & striped)
- Light purple dress from H%M 30 DKK
- Stockings from TOPSHOP 30 DKK
- Hair accessories from H&M 20/29 DKK
- Bag from H&M (the small one) 99 DKK
- Bag from Friis & co. 150 DKK

I think I got a lot of nice things here :3 I didn't buy it all at once though. I bought some things in Sweden, and some things when I got home. I saved 700 DKK on the bag from Friis and co. and still can't believe it! It's real leather, and it has a great size.

Cya <3


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