Blogging game

I was tagged in a blogging game! Haha, it seems like fun, so here it is. You have to post a picture of the sun and answer some questions about summer :) And then you tag 4 people!

3 things you especially like about summer:

- The warm weather!
- Being outside all day
- Everything! Somehow things are more fun, when the weather is good :)

3 things that can suck about summer:

- BUGS!!! They are all over the place
- Getting sticky from sweat and too much sunscreen
- If you have sand all over from a visit on the beach

What do you enjoy doing in the fabulous weather?

- So many things! I love going to parks, reading, listening to music and eat ice cream :)

Fave flower?

- Hmm.. I guess I like all flowers , don't really have a favorite ^^

Fave color?

- Pink, green, milky pink, milky blue :3

Fave summer dish?

- Something I tasted in Turkey. It was a half honey melon with pieces of watermelon and ice :3

3 fave ice cream flavors:

- Strawberry
- Caramel
- Pistache

Destination for the travel of your dreams:

- I guess you know the answer . Japan! <3

Best travel you've had:

- Summer '08. We took the car, drove to France and stayed at the most lovely house in Nice. We also visited Monaco, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. :3

Bathing clothes:

- Anything with colors :3 I like both biknis and bathing suits.

Plans for summer 2010:

- Going to Sweden to spend time in our vacation house with my family :3 <33

I tag:


Sorry if you don't wanna do this -.-


  1. Aw, hyggelig blogging game ^^ Har selv udfyldt den nu! Tak for tagget ✿ Og elsker også de farver du har nævnt, alt i pastel really ♥

  2. The tagging is just a pain, haha. You can't really tag at blogspot D: so you have to tell the ones you tag, hah.


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