Music wrap-up


Time for a music post!

First I want to introduce a new girl group called miss A:

This is their PV for their debut "Bad Girl Good Girl" I'm really loving this! The dancing is awesome, the song is actually really good and I love their style! Pink hair FTW xD I think it's very impressing for a debut!

Next artist is Immi. My mom found some of her music on iTunes Store and introduced it to me. I TOTALLY LOVE IT! The nice electronic sound and an awesome (but pretty random) video. Check it out!!

At the moment work is killing me -.- I've been working 9 hours each day for the past 4 days!!
But tomorrrow is only 4 hours, and after work: SHOPPING!! And going out with Astrid <3<3


  1. lots of butts in the first video!
    not complaining though =]

  2. Ahahahahahaha!! XD you know, as a girl I
    didn't pay much attention to that, but I notice now you mention it :p


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