Bad day so far

Yeah -.-

I was supposed to get to work at 9:15. The shop opens at 9:30, so I use the 15 minutes to get everything ready. And not to mention that it's about 40-45 minutes transport time, so to get there in time, I have to wake up at around 7 AM. Usually I have no problem with that, but today I woke up at 9:52 AM. I'm still shocked!! And so far, I've had almost no customers.

On top of that I have a ton of things to do before I leave on Wednesday, and there are so many people asking me if I want to meet up before I leave, but I just don't have the time.

I can't wait to go! I really need that vacation -.-

* And sorry for the no picture post, but I'm at my work, so I can't post any .


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