Cosplay model?

I was told that I could be a cosplay model here the other day. I've never really been into cosplay, but now I totally want to go to Japan/China and try it out xD -haha. Oh, and the person who told me is from Hong Kong, so there might be something about it.

And I started to watch Code Geass yesterday.

My friend Lina really loves it, but never told me what it's about. So when my other friend said that it was one of his favorites we decided to watch a few episodes, and now I'm hooked! (Now he just needs to watch NANA.) Haha :p

And now there's only 3 days left before I go to Sweden! I miss my sisters so bad T-T and my mom and stepfather of course, but mostly my sisters <3 My mom keeps posting pictures on facebook of them.

SO. CUTE. <3<3

xoxo <3


  1. CODE GEASS FTW~~ xD fik jeg aldrig fortalt dig det?! OTZ.... FAIIIL men godt du kan lide den~~ T____T fortæl mig endelig hvad du synes når du har set den færdig!!~~ Elsker elsker den~~ det er en af mine yndlings animeer~

  2. u should cosplay dear!
    that would be awesome!


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