SM Town biased

Hello dear readers!

Me, me, me (LOL sorry for the crappy photo)

Sorry for not updating so often, but I'm really lacking motiviation atm!

Anyways, I'm making this post because I realized how biased I am toward SM Town. My sister and I made a top 30 over our favorite Kpop stars, and in my top 5, 4 out of 5 groups were from SM Entertaintment.

My top 5 looks like so:

1. SHINee (of course lol)
5. f(x)

But it's a good thing, since I'm going to SM Town Live LOL XD Which I got my tickets for btw! *O* <3 In 27 days, I'm going to see SHINee in real life! *longest fangirl scream ever*

I also got f(x)'s 1st album Pinocchio recently! I love it so much! Especially Danger and Lollipop (because of SHINee xD).
But overall, it's a great album! And they've won 3 awards for Danger already :D <3 Yay I'm so happy for them ^^

See ya lovelies ~


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