"Zarah, you're on Yoricon" .. WTF?? XD

I got some really great news today! :D


If you don't know what Yoricon is, just read this, since I'm too lazy to explain it xD :

Welcome to Y!P Weekly Top 10, the main feature of this blog. Every Saturday one of the 4 judges voted on by the YoPro community will post 10 of their favorite dubs from the past month (meaning every song posted at the YoPro forums has a chance to be noticed four different times by four different judges). At the end of the month the 40 (or sometimes 50) dubs chosen by this blog will be voted on by the YoPro community as a whole to create the Yo!ricon Monthly Top 10. A video will be made featuring the resulting winners and put up on the “channelyopro” youtube channel! It’s great exposure for your dub so remember- join YoPro and post up a storm!

And yeah, my Star Star Star cover made it to the 3rd place! And here is what they wrote as a comment:

{#3} Zarah - Star Star Star

Zarah, this is BEAUTIFUL. Zarah does something that is rare in the dubbing community: EMOTING. Some singers take ballads as sort of a “break” from emoting and telling the story of a song to just sing pretty, but Zarah takes this to the next level and gives it her all. Not to mention that her tone is perfectly placed and she has a natural vibrato that can melt your heart. Now you do have to turn up the volume on your computer to hear this, but it’s totally worth it.

And in case you haven't heard it yet BD:


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