A busy weekend!

The weekend has been long, but fun! And in my case it actually started Thursday. My darling Astrid came to Copenhagen, which was a very nice surprise! The last time she was here was in Easter, and she told me then, that she probably wouldn't come to Copenhagen again, before her stay at the school was over, which would be end-June. So we went out Thursday <3

Friday my sister Hannah had her confirmation. We went to the church at around 10AM and the session lasted for a couple of hours. At the reception Hannah got a nice surprise as Celia and Line came to congratulate her!

We invited the people, who showed up at the church home for coffee and cake. Hannah got a lot of nice presents, and she looked so happy :D <3
Later Hannah, our mom, our step-father and our borther and sister went to a restaurant to have lunch, and after that Hannah and I went to Tivoli with Celia and Line. It was a really long, but nice day, and Hannah really enjoyed it! <3

Saturday I went shopping with Hannah. We also went to the movies to watch 'Red Ridinghood', which we both thought was really good! And I guessed, who the werewolf was right away xD LOL Hannah was very impressed with me for that xD <3

After the movie Astrid and I met up and went to a bar called Billy Booze. It's a play on words, since Billy is pronounced as 'billig' in Danish, which means cheap, and the prices at the bar are really low!

Sunday I just relaxed ALL day! Because I went out, and got late to bed almost everyday since Thursday, I was so freaking tired xD


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