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This picture is from early May, but I just felt like posting it now LOL

And yes, I'm sharing more videos with you guys!

Banjak5 finally released our 3rd single yesterday! This has probably been the song we worked the hardest for so far. We all spent a really long time recording, and Line did an AMAZING job mixing this! I hope you'll want to check it out and leave us some feedback :D

And now a video, that is making Shawols all over the world go crazy.

SHINee's Japanese debut teaser *O* <3<3<3
This was on constant replay yesterday! Now I just have to wait for the full MV to come out, which is killing me ;__; But it probably won't come out before mid-June, but I've already seen SHINee there, so that totally makes up for it BD


  1. Envy envy envy envy much but I love love love love you ♥ ♥ ♥ and GOOO BANJAK5~ ^^b Det lyder mega awesome!


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