Bangs, bangs and Banks

Got my bangs cut at the salon

Yesterday I was working in salon Mono once again. I really, really love it! It's so much fun, and I feel like I learn something new each time I'm there! One of my co-workers Sif cut my bangs for me yesterday! :D LOL they really needed it xD My bangs grow so fast!

I'm going down there today as well, but not for work. Hannah is getting a haircut! She's gonna look so fiiine BD She's getting confirmated (if that's the word in English xD) tomorrow!

Astrid, my babe <3, is coming to Copenhagen today! Can't wait to see her. I miss her so much!

I ordered some stuff from ebay today as well! I bought a SHINee glow-stick and some SHINee World wristbands for the SM Town Live concert! Better to be prepared xD I also pre-ordered SHINee's Japanese debut CD Replay. I decided to buy the first press limited edition, since it contains both the CD, a DVD and a 68 page booklet. Can't wait to get it! I also bought the Elle Girl magazzine from June, which SHINee has a pictorial and interview in, plus Key's newest fan-made photobook with goods! *O*

I'm watching the season finale of Top Model cycle 16 right now! Excited to see who wins :3 Tyra banks is so awesome!


  1. Cuuute my hair if you are going to work as frisør?-- Lol forgot the word xD


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