SHINee's succes in Japan

Okay, so SHINee made their Japanese debut a few days ago, and they are already doing AMAZINGLY WELL!

They placed 2nd on the Oricon chart on the release-day of their debut single, and they've placed 2nd on Oricon 4 days in a row now. They sold 50,000 copies the first day and they will probably place 2nd on Oricon weekly. They've sold 81.000 copies of the single in just 4 days. This is a great amount, considering it's their Japanese debut single.

Just to make a comparison, SNSD's debut sinlge sold 45.000 copies the first week, and placed 5th on the first day. They placed 4th on Oricon weekly.

Taking all this in, I get a good feeling about their future promotions in Japan. A lot of people have said that they see SHINee as DBSK's younger btothers, and I personally believe that SHINee can become as popular in Japan as DBSK are.

They've performed the Japanese version of Replay twice on TV now!

The full version at the VMAJ:

And a shorter version on Happy Music:

They've also been featured in A TON of magazines! And EMI Music is treating SHINee really well! I'm so proud of them!! <3<3<3


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