Paris Day 1 - Day of arrival

So here's the first post about my trip in Paris!!

We left our apartment around noon and went to the airport. I was really excited! Never been to Paris before, so I was so sure this was going to be an awesome trip!

See how excited I am BD

But of course there were some complications, and we couldn't print out our boarding passes at the fancy machines in the airport, but we got the problem solved, and then we just had to wait.

Chillin' like a boss BD

Hannah and I on the plane:

This was her first time flying since she was 3 years old, so she was really excited! It was a pretty short flight, and we arrived at the airport around 6PM. Then we had to take a bus to get into centrum, and then we had to walk around 20 minutes before we got to our hotel. We went out to eat dinner at this cute little cafe, and after that we went to a grocery store to buy snacks and stuff xD

I found white chocolate covered Oreos! *O* I freaking LOVE them! And you can't get them in Denmark. I also bought that little cute pink Cola Light bottle. Karl Lagerfeld designed it, but of course I forgot to bring it home -.- I didn't even get to drink it!! >BC

Later that night Hannah, our mom and I had a little walk around the neighbourhood, just to see our surroundings.

Ooooh the French subway BD

At around 10PM we went back to our hotel, and just chilled in our hotel room. Hannah and I had a lot of fun 'dubbing' the French television. And talking about dubbing, I got so tired of watching TV in France. They dub EVERYTHING! XD

So, that was my first day in Paris! It's a really beautiful city btw! :D


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