4 days to go!!

OMG 4 days, and I'm on my way to Paris! :D
I'm so exited!! I can't wait! I've never been to Paris before, so I'm really looking forward to see the city! And of course the SM Town Live concert! That's probably the thing I'm looking most forward to. Okay ... not probably, it IS what I'm looking most forward to!

I was skyping with Celia and Line yesterday while watching some fancams of Key, and I suddenly started crying, because I was thinking 'Only 7 days, and I'll see Key and SHINee in real life'. I honestly surprised myself. I'm a 100% sure, that I'll start crying at the concert though, but I didn't expect it yesterday xD

For soemthing a bit different, The pilot episode of Immortal Song 2 aired today! I've been really exited about this show! And , just as I thought, Jonghyun did an AMAZING job! His first performance was breathtaking, but this one was, hands down, one of the best performances I have EVER seen:

When I first watched it, I was speechless. It gave me goosebumps all over my body and it actually made me cry too. I was simply blown away. It's amazing how he's emoting, while singing this song! Even though I don't know, what the song is about, he still got to me and made me cry, because of the way he sang it, and because of his whole appearance, while singing. This was beautiful, breathtaking, amazing, marvelous and fenomenal!
I'm currently looking for the mp3 like crazy! It's just stunning!

Well, enough about how SHINee makes me cry all the time xD I got a new haircut! I'll show you in my next post!! See ya BD <3


  1. Awesome! SHINee is one of the best, love them<3 do you have a favorite? ^^ I wish I could also go, but I couldn't find someone to go with haha, I guess I need to make some people in love in Kpop too :) anyways have fun!! xx


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