Paris, here I come!

I'm leaving for Paris in a few hours, so I thought that should be time enough to do a quick post!

I'm so freaking excited! :D And even more now, since I found out that SHINee is arriving today as well, in the same airport AT THE SAME TIME! Both SHINee and I will be in Paris at around 6PM tonight, so I might see them in the airport!

And I know what they are wearing as well, so I have something to look after (as if I wouldn't recognize them right away anyways)

They look so stylish!! *O* I tried to coordinate my outfit, so that it would look good with Key's xD

Anyways, I'll see you in 5 days sweetie!
Au revoir ~


  1. Thanks for the comment! Great, can't wait ;)
    Really I can't choose :D alright if I have to.. I will choose jonghyun<33 whaah *having a SHINee moment* J'adore them too much :P but I think you can understand haha, Have fun! I hope to see them too one day lol xx


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