Beihai Day 4 - Aquarium!

It has been a while since my last post, but I just started in school, so I didn't have so much time. 

Anyways! Day 4 in Beihai. Starting out with breakfast. And this is the dining table in Lao Lin's house :)

After breakfast Hua and I went to one of the aquariums located in the city. Beihai is a city by the beach, so there are a couple. 
They also sold a lot of different things made out of seashells. It was really pretty! 

Statue by the entrance

And here we are! Beihai Underwater World :)

Went in to look at the different fish :)


These fish reminds me of 'Finding Nemo'

They had a small nice outside area with goldfish and a waterfall

And someone decided to be funny and put sunglasses on one of the statues :)

Now, we came by this and it was kind of strange. There were crocodiles, but we were pretty sure they were fake. People had been throwing things at them, trying to get them to move, but they didn't move at all!

Just by the sea!

There was also a turtle house, where you could buy a stick with a fish on and feed the turtles :)

There was also an exhibition hall with stuffed sea animals that had lived in the area around Beihai.

Stopped by this cutie too!

Amazing view!

And last but not least, the underwater tunnel :)
All in all it was quite fun, but not big enough to spend more than an hour or so :/

In the evening we made dinner at home. I made some veggies and beef 

We made soup

And some crab

In the evening we went for our usual drive around town and ended up buying ice tea again :)

See you in the next post :)


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