Beihai day 7 - New hair + visiting Hua's old school

I've been wanting to cut my hair for a very long time! I was so tired of the shorter hair in front and my split ends. And I planned before hand that I would get it cut in China. So I did!

Took a last picture of my old hair :)

So went to the hairdresser, and you get such a nice treatment! They wash your hair for at least ten minutes and massage your scalp too. They even cleaned my ears with q-tips! They also offered to give me a massage, but I rejected (which I totally regretted after by the way!)

In the chair! :) 

It shows here how long it was before. I thought it would hurt a little to say bye bye to my long hair. Haven't had short hair since I was a kid! But after the hairdresser started cutting it, I didn't gave a damn xD

Chop chop! Everytime I go to the hairdresser in China, the people working there are extremely fascinated by my hair. Last year, when I got a hair dye, everyone came over to touch it. I think there was 4-5 people with their fingers in my hair at the same time ! This time 2 of the hairdressers took the hair that was cut off from the floor to study it xD

And the result! I am VERY pleased! :) Best thing, it was around 45 DKK in total! 

After the hairdresser we went to Hua's old school. I saw it last year too, but only from afar, and this time we went to the school grounds.

The building where his old classroom is

His old classroom :) We couldn't get inside, but it was enough for me to just look and imagine little Hua sitting there getting teached. :)

There's also a big green area

The school has gotten bigger over the years, and now you can go here from the smaller classes up to high school. There is even dorms, where the students can live for cheap

In the evening we went for pizza! After only eating Asian food for a while, I got cravings for some Western food :)

The drinks got funky names :)

Hua's tropical juice

Just me loving my hair

And the pizza! I thought it was really good, but I kind of suspect it was because I haven't had it for such a long time. xD

After eating we went home to relax, and later in the evening we went to the night market for some noodles and beer :)

This place is really awesome! You take a basket and put in all the veggies and meat you want for your noodles and give it to the chef. Then they cook it for you and, voila! Noodles served.

And that's it for now! :D 


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