Beihai days 5 and 6 - Relaxation !

Missed my updates? :p I have no excuse for not updating, so I'll just get right onto it!

We had a couple of absolutely chill days. We just hung out in town, went to dinner with Hua's parent's friends and went shopping for snacks! 

Mango crushed ice

And watermelon crushed ice. These were actually the most boring crushed ice we had. Didn't have much taste :/

We went for dinner at a traditional Chinese restaurant. We were meeting up with Lao Lin and Lao Mao's friends like last year. 

Choosing which fish we wanted :)

Shrimps too

I don't eat fish, so I was just looking. But it was still a fun experience :)

The typical table. We sit in a little room of our own with a television in the background. The waitors come in with the food and place it on the turning centre. 

So much food! It was actually really fun to meet up with them again. I was less shy this time around, and even though I couldn't really speak with them, I felt like we communicated better this time. 

After dinner we went to one of the couple's house. Every evening around 10 to 15 women comes over to "exercise". They walk around in a circle and does a lot of dance moves. It's a very big thing in Beihai, and probably also other places in China. Every single evening, if you drive around in Beihai, you will find groups of people dancing in synchrony. Some groups with over 30 people! 

And I made 2 new friends. They were so cute :) 

Relaxing in bed with magazines :)

There had been a typhoon the night before, so there was water everywhere the next morning!

We went to the arcade to play some games :) 

And I also wanted to take our scooter for a ride, so we found a place for me to drive around.

Back home to cook some lunch!

This is the neighborhood the house is located in

And now I'll just spam you with pictures of some of all the different snacks you can buy in China. Om nom nom!!

See you in the next post :)


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