Shopping for Christmas ~

Saturday I went shopping for Christmas presents with my sister ! :3

We bought a lot of things for our family ^^ I spent almost all of my money, and I'm not even done buying presents yet ! Luckily I get paid twice a month, so I'll have time enough before Christmas to buy more.

Hannah at the museum

We also went on "The Guiness Record Museum". It was a lot of fun, except of the special exhibition they had. It was like a ghost house O.O It was so freaking scary, and if there were any other people in there, I'm pretty sure they would have damaged their ears.

Me at the museum.

And also, my hair extensions are now in Denmark !! XD But they are at the Customs Service Office -.-
Apparantly, the sender didn't give enough information about the package, so I had to write a letter, telling them, what was inside it, and also send my receipt for it, so that they could see that I actually paid for it.
So yeah, I think I'll have them in around 1-2 weeks, FINALLY ! And it's before Christmas & New Years Eve, so I can wear them there <3

One last thing. I LOVE SISTAR ! They are sooo good ~ Hyorin is my favorite ^^


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