Oh Key ~

I got the package I've been looking the most forward to today !

Wee, My Key goods ! I've been hyping all day because of this ! There's a photobook, 2 DVD's and a lot of stickers and photocards ! Plus a lot of other Key stuff <3<3<3 I LOVE THIS !! And i got the pair of socks as a free gift xD <3

I also started watching SHINee's Yunhanam today.

My thoughts are the following:


*Soooooo, so, so, so jealous of the noona’s. My heart breaks a little/a lot :’(*

*Why can’t I have a Korean boyfriend?? They seem to take so good care of their girlfriends! All the guys I’ve dated have been so boring compared to this. No originality, just the typical cafe date (even though that’s ok too).*

I mean it. Guys, you need to step up your game and come up with something more romantic ! It might not be all girls, who are into this, but A LOT, that's for sure.
There should be more Asian boys in Denmark (all for me), just saying <3

Just because I can't help it <3


  1. yay you found it~
    owh~~ Key's good finally arrived! yay for you~
    i should buy Taemin's ones for my slef ;')


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