Christmas is coming + Sankt Annæ Girls Choir Christmas Concert

Wow, 10 days and it's christmas ! :D

I can't wait ^^ I really love christmas, it's one of the nicest times of the year :3
You spend time with your family, sing christmas carols, eat delishious food (YAY), bake a lot of cakes an cookies, and get to give and receive presents ^^

I also went to see Sankt Annæ Girls Choir's
christmas concert today ^^
I used to be in the choir as well, when I was attending 6th-9th grade :3

My sister's in the choir now, and it was so nostalgic to hear all the songs I used to sing :'3
It was a really great concert, all the girls' are so talented <3

Here's a video og the 6th & 7th graders, singing 3 of my favorite christmas songs ^^ It's not from tonight's concert though ^^ My sister is number 5 from the left in the first row (I think xD). It's a bit difficult to see. But please watch it, they sound really amazing <3

So, what are your plans for christmas ? :)
I'm going to spend my christmas in our house in Sweden <3

xx Zarah <3


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