It starts again

Heyy ~

I start both school and work today. I have work from 12AM to 4PM and math class from 5PM to 10PM. It's going to be a long day -.- But nontheless, it's nice to finally be doing something again! I enjoyed my vacation, but sometimes it just felt like I was wasting my time doing nothing.

I also went to Bibi Chemnitz's party on Saturday. It started out with very few people, but it got packed later. It was on Ideal bar right next to Vega. A cool place actually. I met some nice people, and also Bibi. She was so nice and friendly! OH, and this cute guy treated me to a strawberry daquirie (is that how you spell it?). Well, it was delicious :3 haha

We decided to leave later though, so we walked all the way to centrum, just to find out that all the places were packed or boring, so Sakina and I just crashed at her place.

I have to get ready for work now. Have to be there in 40 minutes. Luckily it's just across the street :p


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