Happy Birthday G-DRAGON!

Today, the 18th of August, is G-DRAGON's 23rd birthday!! Yaay~

G-DRAGON is one of my all time favorite singers/rappers/idols/songwriters, so I have to make a post about him :3

Some of my favorite songs, that he wrote are 'Lies', 'Haru Haru' and 'HEARTBREAKER'. Oh, and also 'BREATHE' :3

Last year he made a collaboration with Flo-Rida, where they sang G-DRAGON's hit song HEARTBREAKER together, and since then they must have gotten friends, 'cause Flo-Rida congratulated G-DRAGON on his Twitter.

I don't want to write his profile or anything, 'cause it's viewable so many places. Instead, I'm going to photo spam you xD

Isn't he just lovely?? <3


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