Tokyo Day 3: Exploring Ueno

Starting the day of in our usual manner with a couple of these drinks :D
This day we went to Ueno Park to visit the zoo, and after that we walked to Ameyayokocho for some shopping.

The weather was really nice in Tokyo! Much warmer than in Copenhagen :o

We arrived at Ueno station, and went to a little food court just inside the park. Just from entering that, it was easy to see, what the main attraction of the zoo was. The pandas!

I got the cutest (and most delicious) panda curry. It was surprisingly yummy :)

Loooots of pandas :)

We then entered the zoo, but the pandas were asleep, and no fun at all :/

We walked around the zoo to look at the other cute animals. But the animals were not the only cute things that day. There were SO many small cute Japanese children. So adorable :)))

We also saw some red pandas. My favorite! They are super super cute :)

Fishies and turtles :)

After walking around for a couple of hours, we started to get really tired. Stopped for some ice cream to regain some energy, but it didn't work. We probably only walked through half the zoo, but decided to leave anyways.

On our way out though, the pandas had woken up. So cute :D

As I just mentioned, we were really tired at this point, but decided to walk around a bit to find some food. 

And we stumbled upon an amazing shopping area called Ameyayokocho! Hua especially loved this place :D

To our dismay, it started raining for the first time on our trip! :o so we hid up in different stores :)

We went for lunch in a ramen restaurant, but forgot to take pics! After shopping we went back to our apartment, since it was getting pretty late in the afternoon. 

For dinner, we made food ourselves! Our airbnb came with a tiny kitchen, so we decided to go to the supermarket. 

We walked through a lot go tiny streets to get to the supermarket, and I loved it! It was so cool to see :)

And our dinner! There was no table in the apartment, so we had to eat on the floor. But it was a delicious meal :)

Lots of delicious mushrooms and veggies with beef :D

See you in the next one! :)


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