Tokyo Day 2: My first birthday abroad!

I'm about 5 months late with this post hahaha. But here it is; my birthday celebration in Tokyo!

Since it was my birthday, I got to decide what to do hehe. So off to Harajuku we go!
This day we walked about 20 minutes to get to the metro station, instead of taking the bus. Just to try something different :)

But I loved the walk! Got to explore and see how people actually live in Tokyo :D Aaah those small things ;') Makes me happy!

There was this beautiful creek (?) running through with small fishies, and a lot of nice flowers :)

And we also saw this birdie :D hehe

We arrived at Harajuku in the morning around 9AM, so got some coffee :)

And we had breakfast at a cafe. I don't remember the name right now, but it's a big chain, and they have shops all over Tokyo. 

After breakfast we went to Meiji-Jingu! We tried to find it the last time we were in Tokyo, but failed haha. And when we saw how easy it was to find this time, we felt a bit stupid haha. :p

At the entrance to the park

Lots of sake!!

I though it was really cool seeing all the different designs of the sake barrels :D

And it was so nice to visit the temple. It was an extremely beautiful place!

Rinsing before entering temple grounds

Derp face haha

After walking around the temple area for quite some time, it was time for lunch. We found a restaurant in Harajuku.

My happy face in Japan hehe

I got noodles. Chinese style, I'm pretty sure

Hua's dish. Looking back, we probably should have chosen a different place, cause the food was just so-so. But you can't be lucky each time, right?

We then walked to Shibuya to shop a bit, and Hua bought me a birthday cake :D So we went back to our room to eat and relax a bit :)

23 :D

The cake was really yummy! And I felt really thankful to be able to celebrate my birthday in Tokyo!

For dinner we went for yakiniku! 
On our way to Ikebukuro

I love yakiniku so much, and is probably one of the foods (besides ramen) I miss the most. 

Just look at all that delicious meat!

We purchased a 'set', where you pay a certain amount, and then you can order as much as you want of the meat and veggies. And we got salad too.

That is the face of a very happy birthday girl! :D

So good!!

And that wraps up this post! :D

See you in the next one!


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