Japan 2014 - Round 2

Some pretty exciting news! Hua and I are going back to Japan in the fall :D
We had talked about traveling for quite some time, since we didn't have the opportunity to travel this summer. So why Japan again? We've just been there 5 months ago. To be honest, I just wanted to go back soooo badly. And if I have to celebrate my birthday overseas, I want to celebrate it in Asia. So JAPAN IT IS! WOOO!

Looking forward to eat delicious food (and other things too, of course)!! Here, have a picture of some delicious ramen

This time we're going to Narita, Sapporo and Tokyo. We both really wanted to see Hokkaido!

Looking forward to eat delicious food, and see some new places!! :D

And I'll make sure to update my blog with Japan posts once again. :)

See you in the next one! :)


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