Tokyo Autumn 2014, Day 4: Roaming around Shinjuku and night in Roppongi

Day 4 in Tokyo! This was another sunny day, and it was in early November! Almost can't believe how nice the weather is in Tokyo. We had some early breakfast from the conbini and then headed to Shinjuku.

We stopped by a little cafe located right next to the station. Hua ordered a super delicious kiwi juice! Soooo good! 

We then explored and shopped. I spent a lot of money in Don Quixote, buying all sorts of cosmetics and what not. But it was all tax free! :D Also got this really good lychee flavored drink. We also got this the first time we went to Japan, and I was really happy to find it again, since it was so good. 

I love the architecture in Shinjuku. There are a lot of cool looking buildings, so it's never boring to just walk around. 

For lunch we had ramen (of course). Which is probably the food I miss the most from Japan. 

We shopped some more, and then I had a crepe. And I'm starting to realize, that his post contains mainly pictures of food haha. You could also get cocktails at this little food stand. Quite fun :)

We then headed to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, where you can get to the top (for free!) and see the Tokyo skyline. 


The view from there was soooo pretty! And we got to see the sundown from up there as well.

Ah so gorgeous!

We then headed back home to our apartment to put all our purchases for the day, and get ready for dinner and drinks in Roppongi. This is what the door to our apartment looks like haha. 

For dinner we ate at an Indian restaurant, and they served some really good and cheap food! 

Free starters! And as you can see from the menu, the prices are really low. 450 yen, or about 23 dkk for a small dish. 

Beer and seafood!

Got some sweet chili potatoes, and they were really yummy! Proabably my favorite dish of all we ordered.

The potatoes, chicken and rice.

After dinner, we went to a bar just next door. We actually wanted to go to a night club that was right next to the restaurant as well, but bought it was a bit early for clubbing, and settled on a more low-key place to start with. After, when we wanted to enter the club, the prices had doubled!! D: So we decided not to go anyways, and regretted not going there in the first place xD

We went to a few other bars after that. It was quite fun in Roppongi, but it was obviously a place for foreigners. We went to a bar, where there was not a single Japanese person! So next time, we'll just go clubbing in Shibuya again ;)

See you in the next one!


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