Sapporo Day 2: Shopping, Pink Hair and Going Out

Day 2 of our trip we went exploring in Sapporo! We woke up really early, and decided to visit a fish market.

It was located really close to where we lived actually. Only 2 stops with the metro I believe! The area was so different from anything I had seen in Japan so far. There was located several different wholesale markets around, so it kind of had an industrial feeling to it.

The market from the outside.

Hua was really enjoying himself :) the market was smaller than I thought it would be, but it was still fun to see.


After walking around for a little while, we went to this tiny sushi restaurant located inside the market. It could seat around 8 people, and the chef was standing behind the bar, making your orders as they come. 

All the fish was laid out on the counter, so you could basically just point on the fish you wanted, and he would serve it for you.

I didn't eat any of the sushi, just had green tea and miso soup haha. But Hua looked really happy after we were done, so it was a fun experience :)

We then headed back to the centre, and did a little bit of shopping. We thought it was fun that this cafe was in Sapporo. There was also a little replica of the little mermaid statue at Sapporo station as well.

And yeah.. a little bit of shopping haha

We had some instant ramen for lunch in our room, and we took a little nap after that. Later we went out again, and for dinner we had curry!!

I had been wanting to try this place out for soooo long! Coco Curry, as it is known by :) The concept is really fun. You choose the amount of rice that you want, what kind of meat and veggies and the spiciness of your curry. And it is freaking delicious!

So gooooooood!!

After our amazing dinner we bought some drinks in Family Mart and went back to our hotel room to get ready for the night. Tried 'Strong Zero', since some of my friends recommended it, but not as big a fan as they are!

And while drinking and getting ready I decided to use the hair dye I bought earlier. SUPER PINK!!

It really took some time getting used to, but it washed out quite fast haha. I really liked it though!

My man :D

We went to a place called Locotonte, which turned out to be some kind of an underground hip hop place haha. It was fun to experience! 

After that we went to a place close by called Ali Baba Kebabu and bar. They serve drinks and kebab. Not bad. 

I really liked this place! The owner was from Turkey, but had lived in Japan since he was a kid. 


On our way home we got a little hungry and stumbled upon this yakitori place and OH MY GOOD GLORY IT WAS GOOD!!! I'm craving this right now looking at the pictures. It was such a fulfilling meal, because you have that 'I'm drunk and really want something to eat' mood on. One of my favorite meals of our whole Japan trip probably!



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