Japan 2014 Round 2, Part 1: Arriving in Narita and Sapporo!

All right, let's get into it! It's a bit sad writing these posts after I've come back home, since it's gonna make me miss it so much. But it was an amazing trip, and it's gonna be fun looking back at it too.

The first day was travel day! We started of in Kastrup eating some food and trying to contain our excitement. 

Beautiful skies on our way to our layover in Moscow.

It was quite fun seeing an Russian airport. Our layover was just a short one, so we just had enough time to eat a tiny bit, and relax. 

We were flying with Aeroflot, which I have mixed feelings about. On our way from Moscow to Narita, the entertainment system wasn't working (!!). It was a 10 hour flight, and a flight that long is hard to endure without some sort of entertainment. 

Little care package we received on the plane. 

10 (very long) hours later, and we've arrived!

First purchase in Japan haha.

The first night we stayed in Narita since we were flying to Sapporo the next morning. Our hotel room was really nice. 

Our view.

This was our lunch! I can't explain how much I love Japanese instant ramen. It tastes sooooo delicious, and is much much better than anything you can get in Denmark. 

Later in the day we went to a supermarket. It's always fun to go to supermarkets, while you travel. At least I think so! They have such a huge selection of pretty much everything. Here are just juices, teas and milks.

And our purchases. We found those incredible grape ice creams again!

Our dinner was real ramen, and oh boy, it was wonderful!!!

Salivating just looking at these pictures!

The next morning we were flying to Sapporo. Our hotel had a little Japanese garden, so we visited before going to the airport. 

On the bust to the airport.

Flying with Jetstar to Sapporo

After about 2 hours we arrived! :D

Sapporo is a wonderful city, and I really wanna go back some time! The ferris wheel is called Noria and is located on top of a building.

This is Tanuki-koji. A shopping street that is covered! This was just next to our hotel

We went out for some lunch, and stopped by a little curry place. Something Sapporo is known for, is their food. They have come up with so many delicious things, and one of them is soup curry. Soup curry is curry flavored soup with some kind of meat and roasted vegetables. 

Also ordered regular curry

Our hotel room in Sapporo! There was also a chair and table by the window.

Later we explored Sapporo's Susukino area, which was where we stayed. 

Found a nice restaurant for some dinner.

Having some beer and sake. Asahi is my favorite Japanese beer. It tasted so nice!!

Hua's seafood bowl. Sapporo is known for their fresh seafood as well. 

I opted for some lamb. I'm not quite sure if this is what they call Genkis Khan, which is also a dish Sapporo is known for, but it's definitely the same idea. And it was yummy!

Ending this post with the daily snack purchase!

See you in the next one :)


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