Planning our Japan trip

17 DAYS!!!! So excited!

Whenever Hua and I travel, I'm always the one looking for accommodation, for several reasons.

1. Hua think it's boring
2. I think it's super fun
3. I like to think, that I'm good at it

So far, basically everything is planned for the trip. I only need to make up my mind about, which hotel we'll stay at in Narita for the first night. Besides that, everything is booked!

We fly from Copenhagen on the 29th of October, and we'll be in Narita from the 30th-31st. After that we're staying in Sapporo from the 31st of October to the 4th of November, and lastly we'll be in Tokyo from the 4th of November to the 9th. 

So, in Sapporo we will stay at Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo. 
Found this on for a very reasonable price. Plus, its location is perfect!

We are around 10 minutes walk away from Susukino, which is a big entertainment district filled with restaurants (Coco Curry!), bars and shops. plus, we are a 5 minute walk away from a big shopping street as well. 

Susukino by night

After staying in Sapporo for some days, we are flying back to Tokyo. This time, I wanted to stay somewhere a bit closer to one of the livelier parts of the city, but at the same time, somewhere calm, where we could get a good nights sleep. Last time we stayed in Korakuen, which was pretty close to Ikebukuro (which I LOVE), but because our hotel was a 10 minute walk from the station, it took some time to get back and forth anyways. SO this time I found an awesome place!

I decided to try out airbnb, and I'm so happy I did! We have our own apartment, a 10 minute bus ride from Shibuya station. It's a one room apartment with bath and toilet, and a "kitchen" department too. And we also have pocket wi-fi included in the price. So cool! I'm really looking forward to see it.

All the pictures here are, of course, just some I got from the respective websites. I will show some of my own pictures once we get there!

See you in the next one :)


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