Just having a great time

Hello lovelies! Time to update the blog! :) I have been doing lots of lovely things during the last month, so here you have it.

Selfie time

Went pole dancing with the ladies. It was so much fun (and hard). And we rewarded ourselves with burgers after haha.

1st of May in Fælledparken with this lovely lady. We joined Hua and his friends later on :)

New shoes from H&M ! I really like them

Out celebrating that Hua got a new job. We went to Wagamama, and it was quite all right. Nothing compared to the ramen we've had in Japan and Hong Kong though (god I miss it). And also, it's so hard getting a decent picture of this man sometimes!



Watched Eurovision with my family and Trine. 

Yay :D

More selfies

Picked up Esther from school :)

Hua had a shift at his aunt's thai place, so I went to keep him company ...

… and get some free food hehe :)

I went out with Trine 

Got thiiiis! :D

Hua and I had a lovely day in town, shopping and getting some food :)

Went for Turkish buffet!

And summertime id BBQ-time! We've already barbecued 3-4 times with his sister and her boyfriend. I love it! :)

We also went to the Botanical Gardens. Hua is Mr. Stripey Stripey :)

Ending this post with another picture of my darling sister :)

That's all for now! See you in the next one :)


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