Beihai Day 8 & 9

Another update! Starting of with a very relaxing day. We did almost nothing all day, but relax and enjoy the weather and each others company :)

Sometimes, when you're on vacation you just forget to relax because you want to experience everything. 

Morning ice tea :D

Silly silly :')

Hua and I went to lunch at the usual place. 

After lunch we just drove around to buy some small things around town. 

For dinner we went for hot pot! :) It was really delicious and we got free ice cream included in the menu :D

We ordered a menu with both fish, lamb, pork and beef. The fish was for Hua :)

We ended the day with a little cruise around town :)

The next day we went to Beihai park. 

Had to wear a cardigan to protect my skin from the sun. Not taking anymore chances after the mega sunburn! :(

And in Beihai park they have emergency toilets haha. Good translation :) But the reason for this is because the park is one of the places you go to for shelter, if there's an earthquake.

For some reason there's an old tank inside the park. 

Hua enjoying himself :)

It was really nice to walk around in the park and enjoy the weather and the scenery

There's also a roller skate lane, where you can rent skate and drive around :)

Later on in the night we went to the night market again for noodles and beer. It was so nice!! :D


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