Japan Trip, Fall 2014: From Sapporo to Tokyo

4th of November 2014! The day we traveled from Sapporo to Tokyo :) We decided to try the breakfast at the hotel this morning. It was pretty good, but nothing to get overly excited about. Also for a price that was maybe not so good xD They had a lot to choose from, and Hua even got to try natto! :o I didn't dare though, haha.

The last picture in our hotel room! My hair looked so nice :o and wearing one of the dresses I bought there. It's from WEGO. And the headband I bought in Lowry's Farm :)

While waiting to board our plane, I got this drink from a vending machine. Love lemony drinks!

Landed in Narita and went on the NEX to Shibuya station! We booked an Airbnb apartment for our stay in Tokyo, and we had to meet up with our host by the Hachiko statue. 

Passed Tokyo Sky Tree! :)

Our apartment was located in Ikejiri, about 10 minutes from Shibuya station. We lived in a very nice and quiet area, and I really had some great fun just looking at the buildings and small local shops and cafes. It was a side of Tokyo that you normally wouldn't see I think. Loved it :)

It was a 1-room apartment, but nicely sized, and we had a small kitchen available too. Here's the bed.

Entrance and kitchen

After settling in we took the bus to Shibuya. Here's a picture of the area we lived in. I can't really describe how good it felt to be there. Everything seems so in order and clean in Japan, and I keep getting amazed.

So we shopped in Shibuya! We went to Loft as well. They have so many things in Loft, and you can just walk around and browse in there for hours. We found this hat as well, and of course Hua wanted me to try it on haha. 

We had dinner at Coco Curry! YES. I love curry :D

This time around we spent a lot more time in Shibuya than our first time in Tokyo. Which makes sense, since we lived just next to it haha.

Gisnt gyoza!! :D 

So that wraps up our day. I miss Tokyo!

See you in the next one :)


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