Sapporo Day 3: Relaxing, Hua's King Crab and Riding Norbesa

Okay another post! i really want to be done with all these before we go to New York. *fingers crossed*

All right, so on our 3rd day in Sapporo we were pretty tired from the night before, and also a bit hungover. 

We went to a supermarket that was located on the bottom floor of 'Susukino Lafiller'

I love Japanese supermarkets so much!! Foreign supermarkets are always fun haha

Picking out some desserts

Fried goodies

After walking around a bit we found a place to eat lunch. I had noticed this restaurant one of the other days, and had been craving fried rice since haha. 

Fried rice! Yum yum yum. Turned out we ordered way too much food, because we thought the portions would be smaller. It all tasted very good though!

Some pictures of Tanuki-Koji. Our hotel was located right next to it, and the Family Mart is  adjoined to the hotel. 

For dinner we looked for a place where Hua could get some king crab, and we stumbled upon a pretty nice place. Free starters! :D

And huge bottles of sake!

I got lamb. It tasted really yummy! I love the sauce they put on the meat

And Hua got this. I looks so cool served like that! They even accessorize with dry ice! Cooool!

Hihi so happy :)

Oh, and I also got corn! Om nom nom :)

After dinner we went over to the Ferris wheel Norbesa!

The view was really amazing! We saw Sapporo TV tower

After riding the ferris wheel we went to a combini for some dessert. Had these ice creams a couple of times, and they tasted really really good!

We also stopped by Don Quijote!

And that ends our third day in Sapporo. Miss it so much!

See you in the next one! :)


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