Beihai Day 10 & 11

So, I have decided to continue blogging about my trip (even though it's now over 5 months since I actually was there, but anyways). Mostly doing this for myself, so in the future I can look back on it as memories.

This day was pretty un-eventful. We woke up in the morning to sunny weather, had breakfast at home and relaxed. Seeing all these pictures now makes me miss summer so bad. What's up with all the snow??

Later on we managed to venture out to get some lunch. Got pizza again, but this time it was not really that good. And the down-side to going to the same place in Beihai several days in a row, is that basically all the staff members can recognize me. So it gets a bit embarrassing to be honest. But PIZZA!

We also found out about this little guy! The cutest little puppy. He lives in one of the houses next to Lao Lin, so we tried to become friends. It was being a good guard dog, barking at us, but after some time he got used to us :)

And these two live in the house next to Lao Lin. They were very friendly :)

We drove out in the evening as well, had ice tea and some food :)

Next day Hua's mom had arranged for us to go to a kind of dog kennel. She knows the owners father, so we went there to play with the doggies. First some food.

And off we go. Haha these two :) Now enjoy the cuteness of the puppies. I wanted to take them all home !!!

These little fellas liked me :) While we were playing around with the dogs, one of the puppies' teeth scratched one of Hua's fingers. At first I didn't think of it as a big deal, but then they started talking about rabies and all sorts of things, and I got super worried :( We ended up going to a clinic so he could get a vaccine, and I was freaking out a bit. His mom was really nice to me, as it was obvious I wasn't happy (I'm very easy to read). But in the end nothing happened!

Later on we went for food at He An again. I miss this place so much!!


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