It's March, it's Spring. Let's try again + My lady is BACK!

Hello guys and girls :D

So it's March 1st, which marks the first day of Spring this year! And well, since I've been on a, should we call it a break, from blogging, I decided that the change of season should also mark the change of my blogging status xD So here I am once again, ready to post about everything and nothing :)

For starters, my baby Sakina is back home from Greenland, and this time FOR GOOD! She got home in mid-February, and we have already spent infinite amounts of time together. It's amazing to have my darling back and that our trio (Sakina, Astrid and I) back together.

My beautiful girls

Sakina and I

I'm so lucky to have these two as my friends!

Stay gorgeous! <3


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