Getting spoiled

I had the greatest day with my yobo Celia last week!

She felt really bad for not being able to buy me a present for my actual birthday, because she got her paycheck on a weird date, so she decided to spoil me, haha!

We went to Torvehallerne and she treated me to Agnes cupcakes, latte's, frozen yoghurt and smoothies! (And she said she didn't have any money? Celia you spoil me too much!)

Celia and I have a fun relationship! We're best friends and have been for quite some time, but one of my other friends noted that we act like an old married couple xD So now I call her yobo, which means 'husband' in Korean, and she even got us couple rings! Yobo I love you! Let's stay married for a long time, keke~

Oh, and what is a post on my blog without a SHINee update?
Previews has been released for some of their Japanese songs, and OMG they are gorgeous *O* I already pre-ordered the album, so I'm just waiting patiently for it! December 7th wohoo~ <3

Better :

To Your Heart:

They are really bad quailty though, but that doesn't stop me from listening to them non-stop !

See ya lovelies <3


  1. looked like it was very delicious!

    yay, my site is back!


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