M.I.A much? Hell yeah xD

Yo yo what's up? (Pretending like I've been here all the time)

Hey guys! Yeah, I know I've been gone for a long time, and I have no excuse other than my laziness and urge to do absolutely nothing, while I had vacation.

But now vacation time is over, and I started working officially at the hair salon as of August 1st 2011!

And oh gosh it's so exciting! I haven't really done anything out of the ordinary yet, I'm, basically still just washing people's hair and cleaning the salon, but everyone starts out like that xD

I'm starting at the school the 15th of August. I'm excited to meet the people, who will be in my class :D

Also, my beloved Sakina finally got home from Greenland after a 10 months stay! I've missed her so much!

I'm sorry about the shitty picture quality, but I can't find the USB for my camera, so right now I have a camera with no power -.- It's freaking annoying!

Okay , another thing SHINee's SECOND JAPANESE SINGLE 'JULIETTE' WILL BE RELEASED BY THE END OF AUGUST! Okay, I will post more about that in the future, just needed to fangirl a bit BD

The last thing! Banjak5 are performing this weekend at Genki con! I'll be making a post about this tomorrow probably, so look out for that. Gosh, I'm excited and nervous! We're going to perform in front of a pretty big audience, but that makes it that much more fun! ;D

See ya!


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